Friday, February 10, 2006

7UP I touched her thumb and she knew it was me

That's a lyric from my favorite band of recent years, Built to Spill. The reason I mention this is because they have a new album coming out April 11th and, being from Idaho, will most likely be playing a few shows in the Northwest. And I will be attending. Built to Spill is the voice of all the under-achieving, depressed, generation x'ers out there striving to find their place in this work-a-day world. And God bless them for it. Lyrics like "we're special in other ways ways our mothers appreciate" really hits home. For a taste of the new album go here. Don't mind the sound quality, I have heard this song live and it's FUCKING AWESOME. Okay, I went a little my space/friendster there and I apologize, but it's just that I'm so damn excited about this. I've seen Built to Spill in Santa Barbara, Hollywood, Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and I've never been disappointed. I'll keep federalcheese readers informed of upcoming tour dates.

Doug Martsch et al.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I have recently returned from a mini-vacation to California. Der Ginge and I made the trip to Humboldt County in about 13 hours. The family in NorCal is doing well and I miss Humboldt County, a place I called home for nine months. If I could effectively make a living while living in the boondocks of extreme Northern California, I'd be there, but. . .Well anyway, we're back in Seattle. I visited my old place of employment and was told once again that, if I returned, I would have a job. If only it paid more than $7.50 an hour, but then again I do have a liberal arts degree from a technical university so beggars can't be choosers right? Anyhoo, Oregon, outside of Portland, is a state of redneck-hillbillies and presently seems to be completely under-water. Southern Washington isn't much better. But listening to David Sedaris on CD made it all bearable. Here are some pictures of Humboldt plus me and my beard (which I recently shaved off).

Redwoods. . .

The forest just up the road from Ginger's Mom's place.

I grew tired of shaving.