Thursday, June 11, 2009

Like a Phoenix rising out of Arizona

This is an attempt to begin posting to Federalcheese again. As a side note, I am writing this post as I watch the San Francisco Giants face a pitcher I played against in high school and college. A pitcher labeled as a “veteran.” AND, I remember watching the new manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks when he played for Stanford. Now that makes you feel old.

I have also been thinking a lot recently about the United States and the problems we face. And there are quite a few. Rising health care costs, rising unemployment, rising budget deficits, a war in Afghanistan, the occupation of Iraq, global warming, Kim Jong Il getting that much ballsier and if you want to buy an American car, you had better make it a Ford. Not to mention Newt Gingrich is somehow becoming the leader of the Republican Party.

With all these problems, here is what I believe should alarm you the most; Two weeks ago Taliban fighters were within one hundred miles of the capital of a nation with a formidable nuclear arsenal. Somehow, news programs seem more concerned with Chrysler’s bankruptcy, but the Taliban is as strong as ever and Pakistan may not be able to stop them.

Do you agree? Let me now your thoughts.