Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yet again, I was wrong.


Congrats to the Chicago White Sox for sweeping the Houston Astros and winning the World Series. In a previous post I labeled the Astros as odds on favorites to win and at the time they were. But the game of baseball isn't like other sports. The best teams usually end up winning, but who the best team is is usually not decided until the end. That may sound obvious, but it seems as if in other professional sports, the winners are decided before the season even starts. Baseball purists will tell you that "any given team can win on any given day." Maybe that's true. Or it could be that the White Sox simply played better. Which they did. And maybe federalcheese readers don't really care about the World Series, but I do. And it's my blog.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

My Saturday Morning

So I’m driving to work yesterday. I’m running late because I’m still not used to commuting to work. But it’s a Saturday and so I figure it should be a pretty easy drive, right? Wrong. I forgot that the juggernaut that is USC football was coming to Husky Stadium. My commute takes me by the University of Washington, which usually doesn’t mean much, but yesterday it did. Thousands of UW fans clogging the already taxed Seattle freeway system didn’t surprise me, but the USC football team getting a police escort did. It seems as if the Trojans were a running a little late and needed the King County Sheriff’s Dept. in order to navigate traffic to the game. Long story short, USC made it in time to completely annihilate the Huskies. It’s not everyday that one sees four luxury buses filled with the most size 48 long suits outside of a Rochester Big n’ Tall following cops on bikes. But, then again, I haven’t lived here very long.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dateline: Seattle

A few friends were adament that I would be missed in SLO and that I keep federalcheese updated for those who would suffer in my absence. I say it's all bullshit, but I agreed and so here we go. Seattle is everything I remember it to be; cold and rainy. Which is the way I prefer it. The new apartment, being about twice as big as the studio Ginger and I lived in previously, took about a thousand dollars of IKEA to fill. We walked that fine line of purchasing affordable furniture, while not looking like we purchased affordable furniture. And I think we did a good job. The new Barnes & Noble is good. It's Barnes and Noble, what can I say. Actually, I'll say this; Due to Bellevue, Washington's proximity to tech businesses and money, there are two distict groups that meet at Barnes on a regular basis. We have a monthly Linux users meeting, as well as a WEEKLY European au pair night. Yes, several groups of young British, French and German girls descend upon B&N every Tuesday night to discuss the Old World and the perils of life in the New. And to make my life difficult by NOT SPEAKING ENGLISH. But the accents more than make up for it. That's all for now, but there I promise there will be more to come.

PS-briefly on the political front; Saddam Hussein is being a bitch and Harriet Miers is being vague and Dick Cheney and friends are about to be fucked.

PPS-Congrats to the Houston Astros for making it to the World Series. According to the numbers, Houston should be victorious over the White Sox. And considering the American League doesn't actually count. . .


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bill's back in the blogosphere (If I was ever a part of it to begin with)

Yes, I'm reconnected to the intarweb, but have to go to work and that's why this post is so short. Not like I usually write novels, but you get my point. Anyway, I will say that I am writing this post on Ginger's new G4 iBook. So that's kinda cool.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

please comment if federalcheese doesn't look right

I think it's an Internet Explorer problem. All PC users should switch to Mozilla Firefox instead.

first off. . .

I want to apologize for all the grammer and spelling mistakes in recent posts, but most have been hastily constructed due to my moving out of state and giving up my internet. I felt like I had ants on my skin about five minutes after that "status" light went out on the modem. Also, sorry for not making my point in a previous post. Anyway, I've made it to Seattle. 14 hours of driving, but I'm here. A big thanks to Voytek, my Polish friend, for helping with the unloading and the directions to IKEA (I didn't get much). The apartment in cold, just like I want it and it rained on my first night back. I'm home.

Monday, October 03, 2005

On my way

I haven't made it to Seattle yet (I'm at my Mom's in the Bay Area) but I wanted to thank Stacie and Rieschelle for the gifts. Thank you, Katya for the Starbucks card. And a thanks to everyone else for the memories. I'll let y'all know when I get there.