Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ah, The Fake News Continues

AP-New York

One day after her rival for the Democratic Party nomination claimed victory, Hillary Clinton spoke to the chess club at La Guardia Middle School in Flushing. The last minute speech addressed the critical debate over Clinton’s refusal to admit defeat after the culmination of the primary season. “I have fought for justice my entire life,” Clinton said. The former First Lady went on to relate a story from her own school years. “I remember playing dodge ball in 3rd grade and I also remember being quickly knocked out of the game.” Clinton began to tear up as she continued, “I remember seeing all of my friends get hit soon after and it made me mad. So mad that I marched straight up to Mr. Carvolachio I told him the game wasn’t fair.” Clinton persisted and eventually convinced her 3rd grade teacher to change the rules of the game. “She was a tenacious little bugger back then,” said Vincent Carvolachio, now retired, from his home in Utica, “and I remember her being teased for ruining that dodge ball game.” Carvolachio went on to say the game that day quickly turned into chaos with most of the kids leaving the gym to play foursquare. Clinton ended her speech to the middle school students by telling them not to give in to injustice and later partook in a spirited game of chess with 7th grader, Bobby Gimnal. “Yeah, it was fun playing chess with her even though she kept asking me if I thought the rules were fair,” Gimnal said after Clinton’s visit.