Thursday, May 08, 2008

Oh, Hillary.

Hillary Clinton continues to play the race card. Her latest last-ditch effort to stay in the race is to claim more uneducated white people vote for her than Barack Obama. She says these voters are necessary for a Democratic victory in November and that Obama can’t get their support. Clinton won 6 of every 10 white voters in Indiana. Uneducated whites will help back up Clinton’s claim when she wins the upcoming West Virginia and Kentucky primaries, two states that are full of uneducated white people and will both give all their electoral college votes to John McCain this November. Oregon’s primary is coming up as well and anybody who has ever spent time in Oregon knows that there are a lot of white people there. Obama is leading in the polls in Oregon. Washington State Democrats voted 68% for Obama to 31% for Clinton. Washington State has 3% of its voters listed as African-American.

Here’s my point. Obama continues to campaign on the issue of change and one of those changes is not campaigning the old fashioned way by saying what demographics can we win and who can we afford to lose. Clinton used to think working class whites mattered more than blacks. Obama narrowed that gap in Indiana and now Clinton says its uneducated whites that matter. Basically, blacks don’t win elections; whites do, according to Clinton. Obama thinks that large numbers of Democrats showing up on November 4th wins an election. Traditionally, nominees campaign in states they think they can win. Republicans don’t spend much time during the national campaign in San Francisco and Democrats don’t schedule a lot of rallies in Houston or Dallas. But, I think we are going to see this change with Barack Obama. While Hillary continues to throw out the “I’ve won the big states (with lots of white people in them and never mind the fact that these states will most likely vote for the Democratic candidate whoever that might be) strategy, Obama continues to inspire hope in Americans from all walks of life and it seems to be working. If the sheer number of Democrats showing up for the primaries, show up in November, McCain will back in the Senate chamber in January.


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